Live @ Reporter 28.12.2013

Excerpt from a live PLAYMA set from the December 28th gig at a Kaliningrad club Reporter. Consists only of the PLAYMA tunes, both released and unreleased, in glitch hop, breaks, dubstep and drum and bass genres.

Full of exclusives and holiday mood!


PLAYMA Life: Episode 3 "iPad bass"

Check out our 3rd episode of PLAYMA Life. We decided to make these video blogs to show you how we work, what tunes are coming out next, and some exclusive production techniques.

In this episode we are making our new Glitch Hop tune which is gonna be releaseed on Adapted Records. We went through very unique technique making basses. This time we used iPad's Animoog to make sick neurofunk type bass.

Upcoming PLAYMA releases

Hey everyone, have you been missing news from PLAYMA lately? We've heard from couple folks asking why we are quite and do not release anything.

 Well, this post is to share with you some of the upcoming releases.

First of, we have just signed a contract with Australian glitch hop imprint Adapted Records — which is going to release EP of our original tunes in the nearest future!

Just in case, Adapted Records...

  • ... is one of the most popular / influential glitch hop & neuro hop labels in the world.
  • ... constantly makes it to the Top 10 on Beatport, and each release is in the Top 5 in the genre.
  • ... won "The Best Glitch Hop Label In The World" at the UK glitch hop awards in 2012.
  • ... is as cool as it all sounds.

Second, it's not all we have planned. Take a look at the list of tracks we are finishing and releasing soon:

  • PLAYMA and BaseFace - Prism [drum and bass]
  • PLAYMA ft Youthstar - Clap [glitch hop]
  • PLAYMA ft Ezhen Niko - Untitled [glitch hop]
  • PLAYMA Ezhen Niko - Flya Moon [hip hop]
  • PLAYMA - Untitled [glitch hop / breaks]
  • Kiki Doll - Hey Mr. (PLAYMA remix) [dubstep]
  • PLAYMA and Fred Vedo - Untitled [drum and bass]
  • Future Prophesies - Dreadlock (PLAYMA remix) [drum and bass]

 And much more, of course.

 Stay tuned!