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You and your friends have just got together to form an exciting musical band. You know you people are talented and you can really have your audience thrilled and want more. But that is something for the future. Right now, the word needs to go around that your band is there and it deserves some attention. And doing that could be a little bit difficult depending on how you go about promoting your band. Luckily, with a smart combination of technology and attention-seeking moves, your band could really get off the ground and even start running. You could even have events organisers promote your band.

Here are some smart tips to promote your new band.

Sign up and get active on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Reverb

On Facebook and Twitter, create profiles specifically in the name of your band and start spreading the word around. Record music and post links to the music and invite people to like and comment the posts and also join your group. Post the details of events such as concerts so that people following your group become aware of your plans. Similarly, sign up on MySpace and continue posting your music. Remember to give an attractive name when you sign up for these social network sites. Remember people will be searching for names and you need to have a predictable name.

Hold a concert

Hold a concert for free at your backyard, garage or wherever you can and get noticed, after a while you may find yourself performing in some opf the best venues in london, if you perform in that area. Before holding the concert, make and distribute flyers as much as you can. Provide your target audience an extra incentive to attend the concert by offering free snacks and refreshments. Of course, mention the incentive bit in the flyer.

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Make t-shirts

After your band has started to gain some publicity and people have started to attend your concerts, ask local companies to produce t-shirts, hoodies, armbands and other fun stuff. Pay some attention to the design, theme and colour of the stuff you are making because you are not only promoting your band but also building up a brand.

Ask for concert sponsorship

When you think that your band has started to attract a lot of publicity, ask local gyms or parks with basketball courts or big facilities to sponsor and host your concerts. It is going to be a mutually beneficial event. When you hold concert at a well-known facility, it becomes easier to attract people. You can also release a demo CD and ask a company to sponsor the cover of the CD.

Give away referral rewards

Closely monitor your followers on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites and ask them to attend concerts. Announce attractive incentives for people who bring along other people to attend your concerts. And yes, get in touch with events organisers who can build up a lot of hype about your concert.

Get a website and a blog

Regularly update the website and blog. Give updates about your band and write informative blogs. Do not forget to regularly respond to readers' comments.