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Artist: PLAYMA

Track name: We Want More (Original mix) / We Want More (Dubstep mix)

Label: XSSR Music

Release Date: 08-apr-2013


Playma's 'We want more' is a rip-roaring breaks track that will not fail to impress any bass music enthusiast. Filthy grinding bass growls twist and turn you through this fast paced barrage of hammering rhythm and melody. The song progresses into a bridge of uplifting hi pitched leads, peppered with euphoric arpeggios. As the track breaks down, you are left with the haunting war cry like chant 'We Want More' .. and I assure you, you do! The second drop catapults into a ferocious assault of bass pleasure, holding up to the standard you've come to expect from Playma. 'We want more' ...something you'll be telling yourself, and screaming at the DJ. This tune is not to be missed!